Tutorial Videos

There are 11 tutorial videos you can explore at our DeedMapper channel at YouTube.com.  The videos run from the basic to the more advanced and are really the best way to learn how to use DeedMapper.  We’ve included links here to a few of the general interest videos.

Metes and Bounds Project

This lesson shows you how to create a metes and bounds deed file and enter a deed. Adding a deed to an existing deed file is discussed, as is saving the file.

The Plot View

This lesson describes the Plot View, including selecting and dragging parcels, navigating and scrolling the view, changing the scale, and displaying information on your parcels.

Details of deed entry

This lesson describes DeedMapper’s MBL (Metes and Bounds Language) that is used to enter a deed. How to add comments. Details of entering Points and Lines. What happens when an error is identified in the Text View. Using the View Options to set your deed entry method.